Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


The New Hanover County CERT Program’s mission is to assist citizens in becoming self-sufficient for up to 96 hours following a disaster and to help educate the general public to do the same.

The primary objective of NHC’s CERT Program is to train New Hanover County citizens to assist their families and neighbors in a disaster. Some may take the CERT basic training primarily to learn self-sufficiency for themselves and their families in a disaster situation. Self-sufficiency is an admirable goal and one that the County encourages. Personal responsibility is important in any disaster situation. Citizens who are trained in caring safely and promptly for themselves, their families, and their neighbors place less demand on the first responders.

CERT participants have different personal objectives; however, self-sufficiency and personal safety are to remain the primary mission.

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Emergency Management & 911: 230 Government Center Drive, Suite 115 • Wilmington, NC 28403 • Phone 910-798-6900 • Fax 910-798-6904